Income from rental-owners of a rental property

The owners of a rental property (landlords) can already produce the statements 31. Owners who completed the 31-year-old survey last year use clickSecur can retrieve the information already provided and update it. Who must complete the RL-31? All owners who own a rental property and hold a lease for which rent has been paid or is payable on December 31, must complete the Relevé 31 form. Statement 31 must be completed in 2 copies. 1 copy must be sent to Revenu Québec. Who should hold the second copy of Statement 31? All tenants or sub-tenants. What is the production deadline for the RL-31? February 28, 2019 for the year 2018. What are the impacts if the record 31 is not produced? Owners may receive a penalty. What are the impacts if the statement 31 is not sent to tenants or sub-tenants? The accountant or the person who will complete the declaration of income to pure individuals 2018 can not claim the solidarity credit. What is the financial impact if tenants or sub-tenants do not receive the Relevé 31? $ 683 CAD, this amount can be reduced based on family income. For more information on this topic, follow us on

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