Work paid
I will talk in this article about employee’s pay.
I will not analyze a situation in which the employer increases by 3% the annual salary, but the situation when a colleague leaves and the supervisor decides not to hire someone in place and to give you a bonus  for the volume work of your former colleague.
The question is the salary, I am paid correctly on the work done?
This remains to the decision of each employee.
Suppose you are 3 colleagues, 1 part, so mathematically remain 2 employees. The supervisor will give a bonus of $ 3,000 to each and divide the volume of the former colleague between you.
Example. Gross salary $ 65,000 you received net, $ 45,236.28.
Increase of $ 3000
Gross salary $ 68,000, net $ 46,910.52.
A difference of $ 1674.24
Is this correct for you? Not really, neither mathematically neither physically after the volume of work.
Who is advantageous in this situation? Of course, the company. Gross income of $ 65,000 – $ 3,000 – $ 3,000 = $ 59,000.
A team is when both are satisfied, both the employee and the employer. The success of the company is the satisfaction of employees and customers!
I wish you good luck!

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